US Conference of Chaplains

Welcome to the US Conference of Chaplains

US Conference of Chaplains is made up of Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants (clergy and laity) forming Ministry Teams in their local communities. The motto “fide et operibus” – is representative of the mission and vision of the USCoC – which in English is “by faith and works”. Whether the focus of the individual ministry is corporate, prison, emergency services, nursing home, veterans, campus, hospital, disaster preparedness, active military and reservists, hospice or the streets – our members keep their minds alert and their hearts tender to the opportunities to be of service which present themselves everyday.

We are less dictates and more contacts; less on-line and more in-person; less reporting and more networking; less structure and more culture; less talking and more praying; less mandatory and more volunteer; less military and more ministry.

(The USCOC is not affiliated with any department of the Government or any branch of service.)

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